“My role as a designer is not one of a neutral service provider, creating functional marketing solutions with ever-growing economic targets. Much more I view my work as an opportunity to raise awareness for problems of social, cultural, environmental or political kind.”

Born in Southern Germany in the spring of 1991, I pursued design early on. After having finished high school, already focusing on design and media technology, I started my study of Media Design at the Cooperative State University in Ravensburg, Germany. The dual study system (consisting of regular study as well as practical work in a partner company) gave me the chance to gain theoretical as well as practical input and offered many opportunities to work in diverse settings and teams. Receiving broad insight into many different areas of design such as Web-, Graphic-, Multimedia-, Information-Design, and even Photography and Film, I particularly came to appreciate Typography and Editorial Design.

Living and studying in Ann Arbor, Michigan for one semester in 2012 helped me realize the importance of crafts and hands-on-tasks in my work, having the chance to experiment with different analogue printing techniques. After finishing my B.A. in 2013, I returned to Michigan to work for the design firm Q LTD. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to work for a group of local non-profit organizations such as The Ark, Kresge or The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.

In the beginning of 2015 I moved to France for a month to live and work with a farmer of the WWOOF network. Learning about biological growing techniques, food culture and local, economic structures also gave me the opportunity to strengthen my French skills. While working as a freelancer throughout 2015 I also prepared for the next chapter of my life: the M.A. in Eco-Social Design in Bolzano, Italy. The trilingual study program was based on the potentials and the role of design in today’s world, connecting environmental and social aspects, aiming at transforming local communities and economies in a positive and healthy way.

After having finished my M.A. in November of 2017, my plan is to continue working on small and large design projects on a freelance base. Furthermore, I’d like to keep up the project that served as a base for my master thesis: wildbunt, The Permacultur-Camp: For that I would like to study further in the area of sustainability education in connection to design. The question that concerns me is thereby: How can design contribute to motivating people to a more considerate and sustainable treatment of each other and nature.



10/15 – today: Free University of Bolzano, Italy
Field of Study: Eco Social Design, Degree: M.A.

10/10 – 09/13: Cooperative State University, Ravensburg, Germany
Field of Study: Media Design, Degree: B.A.

09/12 – 12/12: Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, Ann Arbor, USA
Field of Study: Art & Design

10/07 – 06/10: Freie Evangelische Schule, Lörrach, Germany
Specialisation: Design & Media Technology



11/14 — 09/15: Freelancer, Germany & U.S.

11/13 — 10/13: Junior Art Director at Q LTD, Ann Arbor, U.S.

10/10 — 09/13: Apprentice at visual4 GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

07/10 — 09/10: Apprentice at Atelier Vision, Weil am Rhein, Germany



2014: ADC Nachwuchswettbewerb, Award for “Der Terz”

2014: Designmadeingermany, Presentation of “Der Terz”