38th Ann Arbor Folk Festival

For the 38th Ann Arbor Folk Festival, a fundraiser for The Ark —  one of the world’s finest music venues in Ann Arbor, Michigan — a new and fresh design approach was taken. Aiming to represent the quality and breadth of the events programming with its two nights of folk and roots music the challenge was versatile: A high amount of information had to be presented in a considerable manner, representing a sense of warmth and intimacy but still maintaining the essence of professional musical artistry. In order to achieve the requirements given above a modular layout was created, combining differently colored blocks with information on the event and on-topic graphic elements. The images chosen contain musical folk instruments as well as typical festival- or Michigan-related elements, like the mitten (Michigan is also called “The Mitten State”), a cup of tea, snow boots and a night sky. The overall design was given a rough and undisguised look, using grunge textures and handmade typefaces. The Folk Festival logo was specififally created for this year’s event. Starting out with pencil sketches on paper it was finally transferred on-screen and vectorized. After the main design was finished, the design was used for  ads, online and print. It was also transferred to invitations, a festival program and merchandise.

Extent: 1 logo, 1 poster, 1 program, merchandise, advertising, invitations
Tasks: idea, concept, design, illustrations