Augen auf Istanbul

The public’s interest in, and desire for, a green and ecosensitive lifestyle has increased sharply in recent years. More and more people show interest ways and ideas of how to make life more sustainable. This endeavor has also been recently incorporated into tourism efforts.
The goal of the project was to design a comprehensive series of travel guides that puts emphasis on sustainable and ecofriendly activities, while still presenting the most unique qualities of each city in an attractive and concise manner. The guide includes additional information on various topics that are related to the respective country and reveals an exciting and exclusive insight into an unknown culture. Shown in a case study of the city of Istanbul, the travel guide has been structured into different sections: accommodations, day and night activities, cuisine, and shopping. Each section has been allocated a representative color combination for means of improved orientation. The choice of typography and characteristic elements support a presentation of the city as well.

Extent: 1 book, 150 pages
Tasks: idea, concept, design