Der Terz

News is a business and therefore, its primary goal is to make a profit, and not necessarily to make people smarter. The increasing number of media channels as well as the globalization of news led to a highly competitive news business. More and more journalists and news organisations tend to give in to fast and loud news, rather than slow and well researched information. In order to critically and autonomously read, watch and listen to news, it is crucial to basically understand how the news media works. Therefore with this project we put the spotlight onto a topic that the news media rarely talks about: itself.

Der Terz is the name of a newspaper that focuses on the news-media. The articles in the newspaper are supposed to give people, who are interested in news, a closer look at the background and the mechanisms of the news-business. The focus is on the connections between the news-media to politics and economy, and explains how to design news in ordert to grab the reader’s attention. Der Terz presents factual information, and challenges the reader, as well, by mixing it with fairly unsophisticated and ironic comments, demanding from the reader to think for himself.

The growing imbalance of information and entertainment has been divided into two visual layers. Extensive articles and infographics aim to inform the reader about the functions and mechanisms of the news media. This first layer is held in black and white. The second layer means to interpret and extremize the information given on the first level and is kept in red only. Interactive elements have been incorporated to let the reader actively participate in the process of absorbing information. It should become clear that news shouldn’t be easily consumed, as they have been published with a (most often) hidden incentive.

There are many forms of entertainment in the world. It is your choice as to whether or not you let news wash over you blindly. We suggest: Use your brain to absorb information deliberately.

Creators: Insa Keilbach, Johanna Perret
Context: Bachelor Thesis, May – August 2013
Extent: 1 broadsheet newspaper (40 pages), 1 tabloid adaption (30 pages), 1 website
Support: Jack Crossing (cover photo), Simon Wiesinger (programming website)
University: Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Tasks: idea, concept, layout, design, research, articles, infographics, website
Awards: ADC Nachwuchswettbewerb 2014