Called to life by friend and fellow student Benedikt Dertinger in 2013, the non-profit project locago aims at encouraging the consumption of locally produced food. The free app and online platform, which will be released soon, provides an easy to use interface that helps people find local food and their producers and thereby strenghten local economic structures. Participating farmers are able to create a free profile in order to present themselves and make their work and products more transparent to the public. The platform makes it easy for consumers to find local producers, to get in touch with them and buy local. The goal is to spare intermediaries, but instead strenghten the direct connection between farmers and consumers.

As part of a core group of six people, who are currently working on setting up the platform, I created the logotype for the project. Together with the other team members Ingo Wonner, Eva Schlotter, Benedikt Dertinger and Johannes Wild the logo was finetuned and finished.

Extent: 1 logo