Van Artwork

On my travels through Australia between 09/2018 and 07/2019 I created a design for both side panels as well as the bonnet with a theme specially targeted at encompassing Australian culture and nature. One design shows the van parked on the sea floor on a reef rock, surrounded by fish and other sea creatures, entangled with the words “Home is where you park it.” The other panel shows the other Australian landscapes reaching from dry deserts including famous Ayers Rock, to wet mangrove forests and swamps, filled with the respective native animals and the saying “Find a way to where the sky meets the earth.” The design was developed on the computer in Illustrator and was then projected onto the van surface with a light projector in order to be traced with paint markers. The design was then covered with acrylic coat for durability.

Extent: 1 unique design
Tasks: idea, design, painting